Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Fun & Fabulous Playdates

So this month has seen Tilly and I on a few play dates .....first we had a play/dinner date with Cecily and Evie whilst Mummy & Daddy enjoyed a dinner date with Kristen & Neil (Cecily's Mummy & Daddy) Tilly & I enjoyed a play date and having our dinner with Cecily and Evie and after a fabulous dinner and lots of play the little ones finally crashed , but Cecily and I weren't far behind them, so our Mummies & Daddies got to enjoy some fabulous food and far too much yummy champers, wine and port  and as Mummy staggered home with Daddy and Tilly I got to have my first sleep over at a friends and it was ace, I loved it so much I can't wait for Cecily to have a sleep over at my house.

Next play date we had was at Bonnie's house with Bonnie, Lucas, Dane, Hayden, Tilly and myself. We had lots of fun playing outside on the trampoline and in the garden whilst our Mummies talked all things Mummies talk about over a cup of tea and cake, our Mummies served us up a delicious morning tea and we all got to paint which was so much fun, it was such a great day out.

My two best friends at Pre-school are Eve and Ruby M and I was ever so delighted when Mummy told me we were having a play date with Eve at Flood St Park, Eve has a brother Max who came along and her cousin too Clare who is exactly the same age as me, born on the same day as me in the same hospital spooky eh!!!!!. The three of us had so much fun it was great.

On top of all the play dates we've been having we have also been on some fabulous days out too this month and I'll be sharing those with you very soon.

So my friends take care and it won't be long until we are back with our next installment

Love you peeps

The Rubster xxx
The Tilster xxx

Monday, 6 September 2010

Our Mini Break To Kangaroo Valley

Woo hoo last week Daddy was off work and we all went on a mini break to Kangaroo Valley and it was fab. We stayed at Big Bell Farm in a cabin surrounded by gorgeous views and lots of farm animals. Mummy says she would highly recommend anyone staying there.

On arrival we went for a walk around the farm and got up close with some cows and goats, then we met farmer Ken who said if we were up at 7am the next morning, we could help him feed the goats - alarm clock is set. My little sister Tilly adored the goats and I had fun playing on the handmade swing on a tree it was great - Mummy nearly had a go but was a little frightened it wouldn't take her weight hee hee hee, on our way back to the cabin, we passed a pond and could hear the frogs ribbitting away.

7am the next morning Tilly & I were up, raring to go and feed the goats, so Daddy made Mummy a cuppa and then took us off to feed the goats in our jim jams, I was a little scared at first but Tilly just got in there and fed them, Tilly loves animals.

As we only stayed one night we were treated to bacon butties for breakfast yum yum, then we took another walk around the farm to the farmhouse to settle our bill, on our way we saw and stroked a lovely horse, then ran riot in the garden whilst Daddy settled up and Mummy helped herself to the homemade marmalades and lemons that were on offer free. All in all it was a great stay.

We did have a day of adventures planned on our way back to Sydney but poor Tilly got very poorly very quickly, Mummy had to sit in the back with us to look after her, we did managed a stop off to Minnamurra Rainforest and Daddy & I did the walk around whilst Mummy stayed in the car with Tilly. Daddy and I had fun looking around the rainforest and I was treated to an icecream afterwards woo hoo.

As Tilly was getting no better Mummy & Daddy decided they should get back to Sydney as quickly as possible and it was a good job too as after our Pizza dinner Mummy took Tilly off to Hospital and they ended up staying there until 4.30am until the Dr's were happy and would let Tilly go home she had a gastro bug, Mummy was very tired but relieved they didn't admit her and she is all better now phew!!!!!!. but the bad news is I caught it too and have been poorly with it so I couldn't go to pre-school today. Mummy is hoping we're all better tomorrow so we can go out and play.

Mummy has told me she is going to borrow my blog soon to post some of her favourite things on it that she'd like to show you so stay tuned for this interesting post.

Keep having fun people

Love Ruby & Tilly xxx

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Daddy's 35th Birthday - 25th August


Last week it was Daddy's birthday which was so exciting, as in the morning Daddy opened all his cards but then had to go to work, but whilst Daddy was at work Mummy, Tilly & I got busy - we made him a birthday cake and we did him a birthday present treasure hunt - Mummy made up all the clues and I helped select the places we would hide the presents and clues ready for later when we did the treasure hunt- I was so excited.

Then later that day we met Daddy at Vicini's a Pizza Bar & Restaurant in Annandale - it was the Pizza Bar we went to and it's Daddy's favourite and the best thing is if we order before 7pm Tilly and I eat for free, so whilst Mummy devoured a gorgeous prawn, cherry tomato and cheese pizza and Daddy devoured the proscuitto and rocket one, Tilly and I shared a margherita one and it was delicious we polished it all off between us and even got ice cream for pudding.

On our return home and whilst Daddy got us ready for bed, Mummy sorted out his birthday cake and had it all ready for when Daddy came down and Tilly & I helped blow out the candles which was fun, but the best bit of the day apart from the pizza was Daddy's birthday present treasure hunt woo hoo..... so we gave Daddy the 1st clue and off he went solving the clues and finding his presents with a lot of help from me (as I already knew where they were hidden hee hee hee) - it was great fun and Daddy loved all his presents.

After the birthday present treasure hunt we were lucky enough to have a small piece of birthday cake before it was time for bed and Mummy & Daddy could enjoy a fantastic bottle of red from Pepper Tree Wines (thanks Caroline it was a great red)

and that folks was Daddy's Birthday - a great day

Keep tuned for more to come - our mini break to Kangeroo Valley, and a few of Mum's favourite things......

Till then

All Our Love

The Rubster & The Tilster xxx

Sunday, 22 August 2010

What A Week We've Had

Well this week has been busy busy busy for Mummy any way, as she, as well as working for Sussans has decided to become a Phoenix Trader and sell Greeting Cards, Invites, Wrapping Paper etc - it's a bit like Tupperware but for Greeting cards, as well as being excited about it as the products are lovely, she is very nervous too but has decided to give it a go and as Annandale Public School were holding a Fete on Saturday coinciding with the Election day, Mummy and her good friend Caroline decided to hold a stall between them - Caroline with her wonderful hand made delightful wares and Mummy with her cards.

So Mummy has spent the week getting her stock together, organising it (we loved the bubble wrap, there is nothing more fun than jumping on bubble wrap that has big bubbles to pop it was great fun), a trip to Ikea (I got to play in Smaland - a supervised play area for kids over 3 whilst Mummy & Tilly went shopping) for baskets to display things in, black card, white pens, a trip to Caroline's for more stall chat and a few late night putting it all together only to arrive on the day of the Fete to find another Phoenix Trader already setting up shop ooopppps - good job Mummy has some jewellery she had carded up to sell "just in case" so no cards for Mummy but she did manage to off load some jewellery she had made ages ago, Caroline had a fanastic day too selling her wares and making contacts.

We on the other hand got to enjoy bouncy castles, cup cakes and face painting. Can you guess what I am? I'm a cat although I did hear Daddy say to Mummy he wasn't quite sure cats wore bright red lipstick!!!!!!

During this busy week Mummy did take Tilly & I to the movies to see Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue - it was ace we went with Bonnie and her mum. Bonnie and I thoroughly enjoyed it and we were even allowed popcorn to eat.

Tilly & I had a dinner date with Max and his little sister Sasha whilst our Mummies & Daddies had a dinner date too - Daddy served up a delicious dish Chicken stuffed with Ricotta and Herbs courtesy Michelle and her great foodie blog Max, Tilly and I had some too it was delicious thanks Michelle. Max and I had lots of fun, it was great having him and Sasha round.

We even got to "eat out" this week at a pub with Noah, Sebastian and Harriet whilst I Mummies talked Craft and Market stalls again....... it was a great.

Righty O off I go it's time for swimming
See you next week with more tales

Love The Rubster
& Tilly the Tilster

Thursday, 12 August 2010

A Ray of Sunshine On A Gorgeous Winter's Day

Today, we've had just the perfect day, it started great and stayed that way and boy did Tilly & I have some fun!!!! you see we went on a play date to Caroline's to see our pals Noah & Sebastian, Noah is my age (slightly older at 4 and a half) and Sebastian is the same age as Tilly. So whilst our Mummies talked about craft, sewing, fabrics, making things, we played and boy did we have fun as Mummy was totally engrossed in Caroline's crafty handy work, she's been making her own hair bobbles amongst other things, and Mummy just loved them ALL and spent, no kidding, probably an hour scouring through them trying to decide which ones she wanted to buy, I helped by picking my favourites and proceeded to wear them straight away and Mummy got lots more for us and presents - anyway Mummy says you must check out Caroline's shop - Pop Chomsky  she has the most delightful beautiful bobbles on there and I agree there.

When our Mummies finally got their act together andstopped talking phew......Caroline made us all some lunch and we took off to the park for a play and picnic, it was great fun. Then our Mummies told us we were off for a walk (but really they were going on a fabric hunt around Annandale), but first we stopped off for a chocolate milk and ginger ninja, that is Noah & I, and whilst our mums enjoyed a coffee, the two little ones enjoyed a sleep in their prams, next stop was Quiltsmith in Nelson St, oh my I have never seen my Mum so excited about all the fabric they had in there, I am so surprised she did not spend a penny, although I did hear her say she was coming back without us 'the kids" to spend up big (just don't tell Daddy). Next stop brought even more excitement as Caroline had found an oilcloth fabric shop and proceeded to take Mum to it, Noah and I of course at this stage managed to keep ourselves occupied by playing in the Mexican hammock, whilst our mummies talked all things oilcloth with Ben Elke the owner and importer of this beautiful fabric, Mum could not help herself and spent a small fortune in there as she has a few projects she'd love to make from The Crafty Minx & The Crafty Kid books by Kelly Doust - who as it happened had actually been into Ben Elke's  store that very day.

So a very excited and pleased Mummy, Caroline, Tilly, Noah, Sebastian and I made our way back to Caroline's for more fun and play, Caroline suggested we have dinner there, which was delicious, the Mummies cracked open a bottle of red and celebrated a lovely day, whilst we enjoyed a communal shower and more play until Noah's Daddy came home and very kindly gave us all a lift home.

What a fab day was had by all

See you soon for our next installment

Love Ya Peeps

The Rubster
The Tilly Tilda

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ruby & Matilda Take Two

Ruby - New Born
Ruby - Nearly 4
Tilly - New Born
Tilly Aged 20 months

.....So Mummy has finally decided it is about time she got back to writing the blog for us, being me - Ruby and my little sister Matilda more commonly know as Tilly.

It's been awhile I know, but we are now back in bloggerland, we an all new updated stylish blog in which we are eager to share our adventures.

I am nearly 4 now and my sister Tilly is nearly 2 - Mummy really does have her hands full with both of us but every now and then she gets some "me time" usually when we are asleep.

So Mummy has put up a little reminder of what we looked like as newborns and how we look 'today" as you can see I am quite the "poser" and Tilly is quite a smiler.

We'll be back with more later this week as we've got plenty planned - a play date with Sebastian & his Mummy Caroline (although between you and me I am sure this play date is an excuse for our Mummies to go on a fabric hunt) a trip to playdays, playgroup and swimming all exciting stuff in the Ruby & Tilly Land.

See you very soon.........
Love The Rubster
and Tilly too.....

Friday, 4 July 2008

Dubai - 22nd March - 25th March 08

Hi Fans,
After leaving Manchester we arrived in Dubai at 2am on Sunday morning to a very very busy airport, once through and after a long wait to get my pram we finally joined the most unorganised horrendous taxi queue, once we finally made it to the front, Mummy was horrified to find they don't use car seats and drive like maniacs it was scary, Mummy has never held me so tightly and once at the hotel we all flopped into bed for a well deserved sleep.

In the proper morning Mummy and Daddy managed to organise a far few things to do in Dubai in the 2 days we had and straightaway we commenced a private tour of the city and boy was that good we travelled down Jumeira Road, where we visited a small mall, saw the famous Burj Al Arab (if only we could have stayed there) and of course had our photos taken with it, we went past the Madinat Jumeirah and went to have a look at one of the famous "Palm" projects in construction and then down the beach and to Dubai Marina and then we made the long trip back and our driver took us to the biggest Mall, Mummy & Daddy have ever seen Emirates Mall and that concluded the end of our tour.

So Mummy & Daddy had fun looking around the mall - it was so big they didn't know where to start so we decided to grab some food and then we went exploring. It was great, it was huge, there was even a full sized ski Slope in there and over 400 shops.
It didn't take Mummy long to feel shopped out so after a trip to the supermarket for some groceries we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our night out.

That evening we took a Dhow Dinner Cruise along Dubai Creek - it was great I had a little bit to eat and soon fell asleep as it was past my bedtime, so Mummy tells me her & Daddy got to enjoy the lovely cruise and dinner whilst I slept through it all typical eh I miss out on the fun.

And that was our first day in Dubai - more adventures to come.

Love Ruby xxx